Welcome to AP English Lang! I'm eager to get acquainted and begin our learning journey.

Task 1: Register.

  • Due Friday, May 28

  • Email me <2010cafe19[at]gmail[dot]com> your email so that I can add you to my contacts.
  • Complete this form so I'll have a tidy list of all your stuff.
  • Join this wiki . For the username, please use your FIRST NAME, last INITIAL (example: LisaH) so that we'll all recognize who's posting what.
  • Complete the Google Docs quiz Google Docs quiz to test your understanding of the summer assignment.

Task 2: A Picture's Worth How Many Words? (Total 25 points)

  • Due June 26

  • Create an Annotated Photo with three six-word stories that tell...
    • who you are as a reader,
    • who you are as a writer,
    • who you are!

Task 3: thINK Assignment ( Total 75 points)

  • July 10: Journal One (25 points)
  • July 24: Journal Two (25 points)
  • August 7: Journal Three (25 points)